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Friday, July 13, 2018

WORLDCUP SPECIAL ....The rise of the underdogs

The rise of the underdogs

Big teams with illustrious names were unable to leave their mark at the World Cup. Here’s why you should never underestimate the dark horses

If the World Cup has taught us anything, it’s to never think less of the underdog. The teams that didn’t seem to have a lot going for them were also the teams that turned David to their opponent’s Goliath. And this misjudging applies in the workplace and business too — never write off someone or a company you think are the little guys because they could end up surprising you. Here are some reasons why the underdogs often come up top dog thanks to their winning attitudes:

Not opposed to risk
People underestimating you can actually be a good thing. When you have no expectations, you have nothing to lose by giving it your all. The fear of not living up to the demands placed by others is limited and you’re not averse to taking a calculated risk. At the end of the day if it doesn’t work out, it’s not going to have too many repercussions on your reputation. However, your ego may take a hit, but remember it’s this determination, resilience and perseverance that eventually leads the underdog to success.

Appreciate the little things
For the underdog, things often go wrong. But once you’ve felt real struggle and know the pain it brings, it’s not easy to brush it off. And that’s why when things go right, the underdog notices, appreciates the hard work and people involved and knows how to use this good fortune to their advantage. You learn to enjoy the positives in work, instead of just jumping to the next big thing and this optimism and celebration is what makes underdogs great team players.

Improv club
Underdogs usually have to deal with doing a lot with fewer resources than their more celebrated counterparts. But with this deprivation, comes improvisation. They are used to not having what they want or need and hence they have great skill of learning to make do with what is available to them. This enables them to be creative thinkers, fast workers and they are more likely to get the job done, regardless of the circumstances.

Bigger connections
If you’re born with a silver spoon, you sometimes lose your connections to the real world. That’s why an underdog brings a unique perspective to the workplace. They have come up the hard way and there is a certain sense of reality that they still hold on to.
An underdog will be able to see the issues others may not be able to see, have a sharp focus and most importantly, have a can-do attitude — the number one trait that helps the underdog rise to the top.
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