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Saturday, July 14, 2018


BEYOND Casinos

There’s more to the Sin City than just strip shows and gambling. Read on to know how a bachelor’s party haven can double up as a family destination

In Vegas and not gambled even once? Oh yes! And I still managed to have a whale of a time. Next time anyone tells you that Las Vegas is just a destination for people to gamble or rumble at one of many ‘gentleman’s clubs’, you got to ask them when was the last time they visited the place. The city today boasts of so many options and activities that many people head here not just for bachelor or bachelorette outings, but for honeymoons, weekend breaks or simply family vacations. The downtown area where mobs originally started their gambling business is a complete tourist hub. While earlier, the entire action used to be limited to this part of the city, now the real fun has shifted to Vegas Strip with the development of newer luxury hotels and resorts.

Taking out supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Mercedes for a spin on an actual racetrack just outside the city, hiring a chopper to enjoy a champagne breakfast bang in the middle of the stunning Grand Canyon, or flying across five blocks of downtown Vegas like a superhero on a zoom line – with such exciting options to experience adrenaline rush in the city, who wants to be cocooned in a casino?

Turn the cabin of the High Roller Ferris wheel into a drinking zone with a bartender and butler or head to a nightclub with a terrace overlooking the Vegas strip with top DJs like Calvin Harris performing live! Trust me, there is much more to Vegas than strip clubs, and you
can have a memorable time exploring one of many other ‘performance arenas’ and nightclubs that will give you a high.

Imagine an indoor fitness walk where an instructor makes you do lunges and push-ups while explaining the history and culture of the city and you can go about poring over great art and do some window shopping on the side. The Aria indoor hike is one such popular tourist activity in Vegas. A visit to Fremont Street in downtown Vegas is a must as you get to understand the history of the city through one of many interactive displays at the Mob museum or a walk around the area to explore prominent old establishments that made the city popular as the gambling and drinking haven. Back at
the strip, you must keep a day just to walk and explore the massive hotels that are no less than cities themselves, with abundant shopping, eating and entertainment options. You will need your walking shoes to be in good shape to walk from one outlet to another.

Every destination has a few landmarks and ticking them off is a must. The popular city sign, the seven magic mountains, the Eiffel tower replica, the Bellagio dancing fountains and hotel facades that have been a part of many tourist pics and top movies are worth a visit. The music shows by Cirque du Soleil and La Reve are an integral part of the entertainment scene of the city. Your visit will be incomplete without a visit to one of them. Also, scan the events calendar for concerts by legendary musicians, like Celine Dion, Santana, Ricky Martin, Elton John or comedians like Jerry Seinfeld. To recover from all the walking, shopping, partying and eating, book yourself into a stunning spa at one of the hotels for that ultimate luxurious experience.

Hell’s Kitchen, Nobu, Guy Savoy, Fleur, Lakeside, Scarpetta, Le Cirque and Bavette’s Steakhouse, you name a top-notch restaurant and Vegas has it. It is a food lover’s dream destination. When in Vegas, rather than blowing money on casino chips, try and alternate between café and gourmet meals. It is a melting pot of culture and cuisines and you will regret not trying various amazing high-end options available.
Nausheen Tareen

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