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Friday, July 27, 2018

COMPUTER / PC SPECIAL...... 6 tune-up utilities to improve your computer performance

6 tune-up utilities to improve your computer performance

If you need to speed up your lethargic PC’s operating system, these six tune-up utilities have it all to surprise you

Fast startup times and speedy operations are among the greatest joys of working and playing on a new PC. Eventually, every PC will slow down, either gradually or suddenly. That’s when tune-up utilities prove their worth.
A PC tune-up utility is an application that digs deep into your computer and fixes trouble areas. It performs several functions, including defragmenting your PC’s hard drive, repairing the problematic Windows Registry, and freeing up disk space by deleting useless and duplicate files.

Here are some of the best tune-up utilities you can choose from:

Iolo System Mechanic 15.5
If your PC isn’t booting or loading applications at the same pace that it did when you first unboxed it, download Iolo System Mechanic. This tune-up utility dramatically improves your PC’s performance by defragging the hard drive, repairing Windows’ troublesome Registry, tweaking CPU and RAM usage in real time, and more.

Norton Utilities
The Symantec Norton Utilities aims to fix the problems that plague older computers by repairing invalid Registry entries, freeing hard drive space, removing nonessential programs from the startup process, and so on. It is an impressive tune-up program, but its feature set may not quite match that of Iolo System Mechanic.

SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus
Beyond overall system performance, the SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus goes the extra mile by including community-based recommendations, the ability to recognise out-of-date antivirus software, and new Instant Alerts that let you know when suspicious software tries to latch onto your PC’s startup process.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster
Over time, your PC’s performance begins to slow as the Windows registry goes awry, your hard drive fragments, and applications leave behind junk—even after they’re uninstalled. Anvisoft’s Cloud System Booster remedies those problems by fixing invalid registry entries, freeing up hard drive space, and optimising computer performance.

AVG PC TuneUp 2015
AVG TuneUp improves your computer’s performance by digging deep into the system to perform many duties, including removing junk files, uninstalling unneeded programs, and defragmenting your hard drive. Even better, you can install the tune-up utility on as many computers as you’d like.

Kromtech PCKeeper Live
PCKeeper Live has a basic, easy-to-navigate user interface that isn’t radically different from the competition’s UIs. It differs from its counterparts with the addition of Microsoftcertified computer specialists who advise you on how to best improve your PC’s performance.

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