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Sunday, May 6, 2018

ONLINE SPECIAL.... 6 extensions to transform your online experience

6 extensions to transform your online experience

These productivity, security and network tools will help you get more at work & leisure

Project Naptha
If you have ever wanted to work with the text you see in an image online, Naptha is the key. Using optical character recognition, it makes the text in images copyable and editable. It will even help translate text from other languages.
The Pomodoro technique is meant to make you work 25 minutes, break for five, then start it all again to increase productivity. There are many timers out there to help, but Forest is uniqueas it counts down, it grows an animated tree as long as you refrain from visiting blacklisted sites. By the end of the day, you could have a whole forest. There are also mobile apps to keep you focused.

Enter a hot zone of privacy and security with this add-on. The drop-down menu from Click&Clean provides access to your browser cache, cookies, plug-ins, extensions, and history — and quick ways to erase them. You even get a full browser test to see how well Chrome is protecting you. It will help you scan for malware using Bitdefender, clear your private data, and a host of other security options you are neglecting.
Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak)
This extension might not be strong enough for the likes of Edward Snowden, but for those who need some basic open-source encryption on messages, it helps. Also known as SecureGmail, it prevents anyone snooping on your messages, by building in encryption/decryption tools. You will be able to append a password to messages you send — and the recipient won’t be able to open it unless he is also on Gmail, also has the extension loaded, and gets the password from you.

Notifications for Instagram
Instagram addicts know how great the smartphone app is. This extension brings that same degree of photo-heavy Instagram-atical excellence to the desktop browser experience. You access Instagram right from the toolbar.
Shareaholic for Google Chrome
Shareaholic is a must for those who need instant access to social networks. From the drop-down menu, post directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Gmail, Evernote, and more than 250 other sites with this one extension. It has the URL shortener and built in, as well as Amazon Wish Lists for multiple countries.

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