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Tuesday, February 7, 2017



The internet packs in free tools that simplify almost any task from correcting grammar to making timely social media posts; designing and hosting a website to editing photos, and so much more. Savio D'Souza and Ashutosh Desai tell you about 12 web services that make it...

If you are an author, blogger, news reporter, professional, or student, you need to ensure that your copy is simple to read. But not everyone can afford a good copy editor. For such instances, there's the Hemingway App and Grammarly. Both websites have a window into which you can type or copy-paste the text you have written.
The former ­ named after author Ernest Hemingway ­ marks wordy sentences, adverbs, passive voice, and “dull“words. All you have to do is follow the suggestions onscreen and see it do wonders for the readability of your copy.
Similarly, Grammarly flags potential issues in your writing and suggests context-specific corrections for grammar and spelling. It explains the reasoning behind each correction to help you make a decision on how to correct an issue.
Grammarly also offers a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. |

Have you ever been in a position where you have to read a long document in a short period of time? The next time this happens, you might want to try summary generators like Auto Summarizer, Smmry, and Text Compactor.
Paste the text you want shortened into the text box on these websites, and click on the button. Smmry lets you specify the number of sentences you want your shortened text to contain. It also lets you upload a PDF file or provide a website link. Text Compactor has a slider that lets you set the percentage value to which you want the text shortened. While Auto Summarizer, by and large, does the best job of shortening copy and retaining important facts. Still, try out the myriad options available before you decide which one works for you. In our reckoning, the best use of summarisers is to create revision cards during exams when you don't have the time to go through entire lessons.                 autosummarizer .com | | textcompactor .com

Dlvr It lets you schedule your posts to multiple social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Just enter the contents of a new post, select the accounts where you want it to appear, and pick a time when it should get published. It's that simple.
It gets even better if you run a blog, YouTube channel or podcast. You can add your website's “RSS feed“ to Dlvr It and set it to tweet every time you publish a new post. You can specify how often the service must check for updates; limit the number of posts per day; force hashtags for every tweet, and it even shortens web links.
When you register for Dlvr It's free plan, you can connect up to three social accounts and manage up to five RSS feeds at a

Easy Calculation comprises nearly 50 types of calculators, including one for percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI), square root, fractions, simple and compound interest, age, cube root, trigonometry function, HCF and LCM, and even blood alcohol. It has sections for unit and currency conversions, mathematical tutorials (in geometry , statistics, algebra, chemistry and physics), math formulae and equations, an exhaustive mathematical glossary , as well as ready-made Excel worksheet templates.
So if you work with numbers, then there's no excuse why you shouldn't have this one handy

If you need a background tune for presentations, YouTube productions, or home videos, try Jukedeck or Computoser.
With Jukedeck, you can select a genre and mood for your custom music, and even set the tempo for your tune. After you enter the duration of the track you want in minutes and seconds, it uses algorithms to render original music. The track is stored on your cloud account, and you can even download the file to your PC.
Computoser also lets you choose between `happy' and `sad' as moods for your music. You can select from five different tempos; whether your music should have chords or not, and the instrument you want it to be played in.
Both services are free to use, but you will have to pay Jukedeck if you want to avoid giving credit, or if you want to buy the tune's copyright. |

Skynova lets you design and host simple web sites in less than an hour without typing a single piece of code andor designing graphics.Create a free account by entering your email address and a password, and you're set.
Skynova then lets you build your website page by page. You can use its intuitive UI to add and format text, embed videos and images, include a `contact' form (filled forms are sent to your registered email address), reorder your pages if required, and fine-tune the design.
And finally , when you're done, choose a name for your website ­ ­ for free hosting on SkyNova's servers.
So whether you want a simple website to promote a small business, or need one to inform folk about your college festival, try

There are quite a few web-based photo editors, each with its own extensive set of tools, features, and capabilities. But very few match up to the one-touch fixes that Makeup Photo delivers.
You can choose to upload a photo from your PC, or use one from Facebook. Makeup Photo detects faces in the image to smoothen wrinkles, whiten teeth, apply glamour effects, enhance colour, and even get rid of red eye.
After that, you can use one-touch buttons to apply colour filters, play with lighting, add backgrounds, and more.
From Makeup Photo's retouch page, you can also access other photo utilities, including Fun Effects, Instant Fix, Cartoons and E-cards.

IFTTT (short for `If This Then That') lets you automatically carry out repetitive tasks from your Android or iOS smartphone. For example, you can configure it to save the photos you're tagged in on Facebook to a designated Dropbox folder. Or, force your smartphone to go into silent mode when you enter your office. Or, set your latest Instagram picture as a wallpaper.
Apart from cross-linking your online accounts, you can activate tasks for weather notifications; receive alerts when your Fitbit records a sleepless night, and more.
If you own a compatible smart appliance ­ like Philips Hue wireless lights ­ you can even use IFTTT to follow a routine every day, like to switch them on at sunset.
Before activating any tasks, you will need to register with IFTTT. You can then browse its applet collections to find those that work for you. And if you don't find any, you can create your own and share it with other IFTTT members.
Your IFTTT profile will list the recipes you have subscribed to along with their current status, whether active or not. If need be, you can view and reconfigure these tasks from a web browser too.
Whenever you choose to activate a task or “applet“, IFTTT will request permission to access the “services“ ­ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc ­ you want to connect. |
Jan 28 2017 : The Times of India (Mumbai)

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