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Thursday, February 16, 2017

TRAVEL SPECIAL ...A literary love affair

A literary love affair

Glorious past, beautiful setting, amazing monuments, delicious food, the legend of Romeo and Juliet... Verona in Italy has it all

Region: Rome, Italy
Verona is arguably a perfect destination for lovers of all ages. The historic centre of Verona is tucked into a large bend of the River Adige, and most of the sights are within easy walking distance of the square. So splendid was medieval Verona that its reputation alone inspired William Shakespeare to set two plays here (Romeo and Juliet and The Two Gentlemen of Verona).
The surrounding wine area between Verona and Lake Garda is a spectacularly beautiful gift that keeps on giving, especially the Amarone and Ripasso wines. It is also the best spot for cycling (and not difficult) in the world. in the world.
Similarly , Giardini Giusti, which is not far from the town centre, is well worth a visit as it offers lovely mature gardens, great views, and excellent spot for a picnic.
Casa di Giulietta:
A narrow archway leads into a small courtyard where one can admire the small stone balcony on one of the walls. Visitors leave notes attached to the walls, which bear the vow of eternal love and the wishes of singles seeking love. In addition, don't miss the Roman amphitheatre and the Palazzo Barberi. rberi.
Piazza delle Erbe:
Verona's Market Square has a history dating back to the ancient Roman era when the space functioned as the forum, a public area for markets, civil events and chariot races. The square is surrounded by historic buildings, including the Casa dei Giudici or Judges Hall.
CastelVecchio Bridge:
This is a three-arched bridge across the Adige River built in 1354.
Piazza dei Signori:
It is a beautiful medieval square surrounded by 14th century arches and logos.
Torre dei Lamberti:
This is Piazza delle Erbe's Tower, which was built around 1172.

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