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Friday, February 3, 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIAL...... 8 things you should delete from social media right now

8 things you should delete from social media right now

We have become a world of over sharers.
Whether it's endless retweets, overdoing the Instag ram sel fies or those Snapchats, we're all guilty. Facebook, though, remains one of the biggest culprits in our social sharing addiction. And there's plenty on your Facebook page just waiting to stab you in the back. Worried? Don't be, just make sure you've deleted this lot from your Facebook profile before relaxing.

1. Your phone number
These aren't the days of messenger when you hoped that the guy/girl you were crushing on would see your digits and drop you a text. The Facebook world is a less innocent place. Putting your phone number on your profile might have seemed a good idea six years ago when Facebook told you it needed it for improved security, but it's really not. People can skim through your account for personal details or simply use it like a bored teen for prank calls.

2. Those drunk photos
You might want the world to know that your recent night out was #epic. But don't forget to get your Facebook privacy settings cranked up. Apart from disappointing your internet-savvy parents, your drunk photos could even cost you that dream job you've just applied for. Social media checks are now becoming a staple of employers' prejob offer hit list. Stumbling across 40 snaps of you slumped outside a club in a stained shirt isn't going to impress them.

3. Your date of birth
Your date of birth can be used for less generous uses than an annual `happy birthday' greeting. Along with your name and address, your date of birth is one of the few pieces of information identity thieves need to imitate you. Surely not having your identity compromised is more important than your Facebook `friends' knowing when your birthday is, right?

4. Your location
Tagging your location on Facebook tells everyone what a well travelled, worldly person you are. Don't do it, seriously. All you're doing is giving away your address and that's just one of the bits needed to give away your identity. Dropping the kids off at school? Don't let the world know, that's just not smart. Nor is letting the world know when you're out of the country.

5. Those airport and holiday photos
It's okay to share your sausage or poolside holiday photos in a bid to make your mates jealous -that's pretty much what Facebook is for. But your Bragbook posts can wait until you're back. All these photos do is broadcast to the world that `hey, my home's going to be empty for the next week, it's now available for burglars to explore'.

6. Your boss
Whatever you do, don't add your boss on Facebook thinking it will win you some brownie points. Twitter, sure, LinkedIn, definitely, but not Facebook. There have been multiple instances of Facebook users losing their jobs for views and opinions expressed on the social networking site. Even if you're not slamming your employer all too publicly, there are still pitfalls waiting to catch you off guard.

7. Pictures of your ex
It might sound petty, but hear us out, it's time to delete those pictures of your ex. Not only could it cause issues with future spouses -potential partners now take a thorough scan of your social feeds before agreeing to that second date -Facebook's not always the most courteous and caring with its memory reminders.

8. Anything that your firecracker mate tags you in
We have all got that one friend. The one who didn't quite grow up at the same rate as the rest of us. The one who still thinks it's hilarious to tag you in questionable memes and inappropriate images. Not only should you delete anything dodgy they've tagged you in the past, you should prevent it ever happening again. Thankfully, it's an easy task.Head to Settings > Timeline and Tagging > Who can add things to my timeline and switch the `review posts' option to `on' .

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