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Sunday, January 1, 2017

LAPTOP SPECIAL .....Ultimate laptops for creative professionals

Ultimate laptops for creative professionals

The Surface Book with Performance Base has unmatched graphics power and huge battery life

If you're holding out for a Surface Book 2 in 2017, it may well be okay to stop waiting. The Surface Book with Performance Base stands to be one of the best laptops for digital artists yet.
Using the same Clipboard tablet to run the show with an enhanced base housing a larger battery and stronger graphics, the new Surface Book ­ first introduced as the `Surface Book i7' ­ vastly improves on the capabilities of its 2015 model. In fact, the improvements are enough to put the Surface Book neck-and-neck with the new Macbook Pro ­ and, in many cases, even better. If you work in a creative digital field, you should seriously consider the Surface Book with Performance Base -maybe even before the new MacBook Pro models.

Design and features
The general look about the Surface Book hasn't changed at all in this revision, save for a slight thickening of the base that's noticeable only with both models side-by-side.Despite this, the two models are identical in thickness at 22.8mm at their thickest point.
This model also sees an increase in density, from the 3.48-pound version of last year to the 3.63-pound revision this year. You can chalk most of this up to a larger battery to compensate for the increased power needs.
Beyond these points, nothing else in the Surface Book design changes.
You're still treated to the same brushed magnesium frame encasing both the Clipboard and Performance Base . The 3000X2000-pixel touchscreen in 3:2 aspect ratio looks gorgeous and feels lightning quick to touch.

With the quad-core proces sor and new, stronger graphics combined, the new Surface Book with Performance Base supersede its predecessor in nearly every regard, including battery life.
It also has an impressive ability to render graphics for the purposes of digital animation and other crea tive work. The Performance Base version of the Surface Book is far better suited to meet the needs of creatives that also happen to be power users.

Battery life
The new Surface  Book with Performance Base puts out some of the longest battery life numbers you have seen on a laptop this year ­ hybrid or otherwise. It can last nine hours and 16 minutes playing a 1080p movie on loop at 50 per cent brightness and volume. Log in with a smile
Sign in to the Surface Book with enterprise-grade facial recognition technology that can remember multiple faces

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