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Saturday, January 14, 2017

GADGET GIZMO SPECIAL.... Five ways Google Pixel beats the iPhone 7

Five ways Google Pixel
beats the iPhone 7

Apple's iPhone had its moments. Now Google's Pixel
carries the day on key areas

Now that the Google Pixel is out and Samsung's Galaxy
Note 7 is out of the race, the prime rival for Apple's latest
iPhones will be Google's new handset. And one impressive
first attempt this is by Google, which outsourced the
manufacturing to HTC, a known master at making
Android-based smartphones. While this is good news for
Google and Android fans, this isn't particularly great news
for Apple as the Pixel does a few things that really put the
new iPhone on the back seat.
Here are the top five differentiators:

1 The Assistant
The difference between Google's new Assistant and Apple's
Siri is like the one between Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons
and Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. Apple has a five
year lead in conversational assistants. But the Google
Assistant is already miles ahead of Apple's Siri in terms
of the way it understands the Indian accent and the context.
A good example is, if you say, “Siri, India is my favourite
sports team“, it will not understand it. But the Google
Assistant will understand and give you the ongoing match
schedules and score cards. It is also better at daisy
chaining multiple questions from a thread of conversations.
While Apple has opened up Siri for third party developers,
Google has also done the same and already a bunch of
popular apps like Ola and Uber integrate with it.

2 The selfie camera
While there isn't much to talk about the resolution of
cameras, the fact that Google offers a wide angle camera
against Apple's standard front camera is a big deal.
Selfies are important, but group selfies are even more
crucial and this is where Google's phone has the iPhone
beat hands down. Google is also offering a slightly higher
resolution which should help with detail. While it doesn't
have a front flash, a software update can surely add that
or perhaps even a third party app which could enable
the screen to light up like the iPhone 7.

3 Battery life
While the battery life of a phone depends on how an
individual uses his or her handset, the one area where
Google's phone deci mates t he iPhone 7 is the speed at
which it is able to recharge. Apple provides a 1A charger
while Google offers a 2A charger which is inherently faster.
The Pixel's lead also escalates because there's fast
charging technology which ensures the Pixel XL gets
charged much faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. This is
also strange because the iPhone 7 Plus has a much
smaller battery than the Pixel XL.

4 The display
The Pixel wins this one easily. It not only uses nicer
AMOLED technology which ensures that the phone
remains more efficient in terms of battery life, but
also showcases more vibrant colours. It has a sharper
full HD resolu tion for the 5-inch model and a quad HD
resolution for the 5.5-inch model. Apple's screens are
colour accurate to an insane level which will catch the
fancy of professionals, but for regular consumers,
Google has the better solution.

5 Headphone jack
This is perhaps the most obvious reason why the Pixel is
better than an iPhone 7. You don't need to own a
wireless headphone, you don't need to go looking for
lightning headphones and for sure you don't need to
depend on Apple's average lightning ear pods.

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