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Sunday, January 1, 2017

GADGET GIZMO SPECIAL..... 7 accessories that'll make your laptop more useful

7 accessories that'll make your laptop more useful

Amp up your PC with these data storage, networking gear and top accessories

Your laptop is a very capable piece of hardware. Like any piece of tech, though, there are areas where it could use a little push. Thankfully, there are plenty of external accessories to help make your experience more pleasant. If you plan on upgrading your notebook soon, here are a few extras that you may like in particular.

Backup data in eye-catching colours
The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is a lightweight, speedy portable hard drive that'll keep your data backed up in case of emergency. You can grab a 2TB model for $85 on Amazon. Alternatively, for smallerscale backups, a simple thumb drive like the SanDisk Extreme might work just as well.

Top mouse for the power users
The Logitech MX Master is big and pricey, but it's comfortable and gives you about as many features as you could hope for in a wireless mouse. It works over Bluetooth or a receiver, charges quickly and tracks smoothly. You can also try something like the Logitech Marathon M705 if you don't need much more than the basics.

Fast charging port with power adapter
If your laptop doesn't have enough ports for connecting and charging external devices, the Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub will keep you covered. It's an overkill for most, but still fast and reliable. With transfer rates of up to 5Gbps and 10 data terminals to choose from, you can forget about ever having to switch or unplug again.

A neat work surface for any environment
Finally, lap desks. There isn't much to them. If you need to keep your legs cool while getting things done, the LapGear XL Executive LapDesk is a wide and sharp-looking. It has a sturdy work surface that shields your lap from a laptop's heat, and is also perfect for writing or drawing on the go.

Multi-port adapter for a plethora of connections
Alternatively, if you've got a new laptop that only supports USB-C inputs, try the Satechi Slim Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter. It's not an ideal solution, but it's got two USB 3.0 ports for older accessories, an HDMI port, and a USB-C port for charging.
It's fairly compact, too. Most importantly, it works.

Innovative USB aroma therapy
Aroma therapy is one of the latest fads, which makes the Madsbag Aroma Diffuser Mist Dispenser a must have. This gadget plugs right into your PC's USB port and vaporises oil filled within the dispenser to give out a nice, refreshing mist, the moment you switch it on. The dispenser doesn't completely heat the oil, which ensures its therapeutic nature stays intact

Transform your laptop into a stunning desktop
If you need a dedicated place for propping your laptop up -and an old stack of books just won't do -the Rain Design mStand is a sturdy, popular, and well-reviewed pick. mStand will transform your notebook into a stylish and stable workstation so you can work comfortably all day.

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