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Saturday, August 11, 2018

HEALTH SPECIAL ....How To Be As Healthy As A Horse

How To Be As Healthy As A Horse

Shrub-like ashwagandha can cope with everything from cancer to hair loss

Ashwagandha, also known as the winter cherry and Indian ginseng, is grown in India, the Mediterranean, and western parts of Asia. The Sanskrit name translates roughly to “the smell and strength of a horse,” referring to the plant’s alleged ability to enhance sexual vigour.
It is an evergreen shrub-like plant that belongs to the nightshade family.

Therapeutic properties
Ashwagandha contains steroidal compounds such as lactones, withanolides (withaferin A, sitoindoside IX, X) and acyl steryl glycosides, various alkaloids and has high iron content.
Ashwagandha is used to treat fatigue and enhance memory. It also works as an aphrodisiac for both men and women.
Antioxidant properties
Ashwagandha can limit cell damage due to its antioxidant effect. So, it may help in treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases.
Pro-heart properties
The alkaloids in ashwagandha can lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate.
Benefits for menopausal women
It can reduce mood swings, hot flashes, and anxiety.
Hair and skin health
Ashwagandha improves the circulation of blood in the scalp, which leads to the accelerated growth of hair. It also fights scalp infections.
Since it is antioxidant-rich, it fights common ageing signs, and helps keep the skin bright, supple and healthy.


• Berries consumed in large quantities may cause stomach problems. • Avoid if you are taking prescription medication for anxiety or insomnia (barbiturates). • Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. • Always consult your doctor before trying any Ayurvedic treatment.
 Shikha Sharma
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