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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

FOODIE’S CORNER.... The rise of the new Nordic Cuisine

The rise of the new Nordic Cuisine

Honest to goodness, simple and close to the origin of the product, rooted to tradition makes for New Nordic Cuisine!

Not many people spoke of Nordic food until a few years ago. Today, Chefs like Kristian Bauman once an apprentice of René Redzepi, pioneer of New Nordic cuisine at Noma, promote local producers thus being autonomous within their own country, which is then joined with culinary traditions and instincts from through the globe. Restaurants including Gro Spiseri make the concept of using local organic and biodynamic produce from farms in and around Copenhagen to another degree. It literally practices what it preaches, as the produce grown at their rooftop farm here is used in sensational dishes that changes with the season. Additionally, at dinner one is seated at a long table in the glass house where you even get to talk to the other diners during the night.
Food that is simple and is made with a few ingredients from the region where we live and areas neighbouring us which could be the forest, the sea or the mountains etc. Born in 2004, the New Nordic philosophy encourages traditional and seasonal food products. It's a fine merger amid fresh, cyclical and well-looked-after flavours, read preserved and stored on a farm only to be relished and consumed through the seasons. A good example would be that of salted gooseberries, pickled wild blackberries and currants at 108, Copenhagen’s additions to an ever-changing menu that cabinets locality, seasonality and sustainability. as exciting to the general public as it is to the foodies around the world. A slice of pancake with orange marmalade and homemade cheese with a cup of tea on the side is a great example. Danish cuisine prides itself on organic, sustainable and local products and even the most basic food is delicious. I can’t stress enough how good the Rye bread, homemade jams and porridge can get here.
Each food vendor at the brand new Reffen Street food market in Copenhagen has been selected based on their superiority and pledge to Reffen’s diminish and recycle sustainability concept.
Interestingly if you have an Organic certification, you get a concession in the rent. From falafels to Mexican burritos to classic Danish, you will find it all here.

Today, the New Nordic ethos prevail in proficient kitchens across the world.
The World’s finest restaurants play a significant role in redefining the future of the concept, reimagining old-style produce and dishes in pioneering ways and preserving a low carbon footprint by showcasing the most local, organic

It's not that sustainable cuisine, dexterity and culture can comingle in fine dining only and is ingredients possible. Chefs are dedicated to giving local produce the reverence and care it deserves, serving up enthused plates.

Rupali Dean is a Delhi based food & travel writer

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