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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

APPS SPECIAL... 8 best iOS apps of the year, chosen purely by design

8 best iOS apps of the year, chosen purely by design

The list of Apple’s design award winners includes apps on music, gaming, maths and more

The recently concluded WWDC was more than just about Apple’s software platforms. It was also about some of the best developers who create apps for this platform. The Apple design award is the way Apple fleshes out the best apps that have made their way to the app store. While this year 10 apps won the award, here are the eight you can access in India:

1. Bandimal
It is a music composition app for children that doesn’t include notes or chords. It is a simple and a fun app to compose music in a creative way. All songs are playing in the pentatonic scale which ensures that the compositions always sound musical. The app helps develop a child’s sense of rhythm and melody.

2. Agenda
Agenda is a note taking app which is a to-do list, and also integrates a calendar. Essentially, it is a productivity tool. It supports markdown as well which makes it particularly good for writers. The app is created using Apple’s main developer language Swift and is deeply integrated with iCloud.

3. Alto’s Odyssey
A combination of great gameplay, slick graphics and an addictive level of challenges makes Alto’s Odyssey a brilliant game. Particularly, it’s a visual delight with a great dynamic backdrop and a trippy electronic soundtrack that immerses the user in a digital universe.

4. iTranslate Converse
It is a translation app which supports over 30 apps in an easy to use format facilitating conversations. It is supported even on the Apple Watch.

5. Inside
An atmospheric game which is based in a dystopian world, it is essentially a puzzle solving adventure with incredible gameplay. Inside also has creepy soundtrack that further immerses you in its world. The game delivers console-quality graphics with HDR on the iPhone X and iPad Pro using the Unity engine.

6. Florence
It is a combination of cinematic gameplay and an emotional character-driven story line from the view of the main character Florence. The app gives a big focus on decision making much like a RPG (role-playing game), while the cinematic feel of the game is elevated by the orchestral soundtrack.

7. Calzy 3
Developed by WapleStuff from Chennai, Calzy 3 is an innovative calculator app. It uses a bunch of core Apple technologies like 3D touch and haptic feedback and even includes a scientific mode. It has a bookmarks mode which allows users to store expressions and values. It also supports face ID and touch ID.

8. Oddmar
It is a graphically rich action adventure game which is based on Nordish mythology and has creatively designed stages. The game also is adequately challenging without being too hard to master which makes it enjoyable. The soundtrack is inspired by Swedish music.

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